Police use teamwork and smart phones to catch thief

Two local police offices used teamwork and smart phones to catch a thief this weekend.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that on Friday afternoon just before 4:00pm a 68 year old woman reported that a teenage boy had just stolen her bicycle from alongside her residence in the 2600 block of Pacific Avenue in Aberdeen.

According to the report, the suspect was last seen heading west in Hoquiam within fifteen minutes of the call.

An Aberdeen Officer was able to quickly respond and got a photo of the bike from the victim.

The officer then shared it with a Hoquiam officer who passed it to other Hoquiam officers, one of whom happened to be driving by the suspect on the bike over the Simpson Avenue Bridge.

Police say the Hoquiam Officer was able to circle around and catch the suspect at 6th and M Street in Hoquiam at about 4:10pm that afternoon and the 15 year old Hoquiam boy admitted he stole the bike from the residence in Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen Officer took custody of the boy and the Hoquiam Animal Control Officer assisted by transporting the bike back to the victim.

The victim said the bike was her only mode of transportation and that she was grateful to the police agencies for recovering it.

The boy was later released to his guardian and a report will be forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for Theft 3rd Degree.

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