Pontoon site auction starts at $9.75 million for land worth “zero dollars”

The Washington State Department of Transportation have placed a price on the Aberdeen Pontoon site.

The local casting basin was placed on the WSDOT property auction site this month, with a starting price of $9,750,000.

A year since finalizing production for the SR 520 pontoons, the 54+ acre site has laid empty. Permits for the site were issued in 2011; the site was decommissioned in 2015; and it has laid vacant following local construction.

In a recent “Highest and Best Use Industrial Study” By Nichols Marine Services, they reported that the location may not be worth anything.

They said in their report, “because site modifications are necessary for any marine industry, the value of the site in its current configuration has been set at zero dollars.”

The study noted that improvements to convert the site for a marine vessel business “are expected to total approximately $12.5 million”

They added, “Having to pay a positive value for this SR 520 pontoon casting basin site would likely render the site undesirable and cost prohibitive to potential buyers.”

Several options have been proposed for the site during local meetings, many of which would include filling the casting basin and using the area as traditional industrial zone land.

The WSDOT auction webpage highlights the proximity to the Port of Grays Harbor, local waters, and the Pacific Ocean.

A $50,000 deposit is required before any company can bid on the property.

U.S. Pacific Coast Marine Casting Basin

Minimum Bid: $9,750,000

Address:  1301 W. Heron St. Aberdeen, WA

Tax Parcel Numbers:  029902000101, 029901800401, 02990180406, and 0317090834001

View a brief video of the casting basin.

Site Features:

    • Casting basin dimensions:  900 feet x 200 feet
    • Casting basin floor made from 20,000 yards of concrete; supported by over 900 under ground steel piles
    • Basin Gate: Three piece, 150-ton
    • Gate width:  110 feet wide, elevation-9 feet
    • Stormwater detention system
    • Crane rails along the sides of the basin

Site Information:

    • Four Acre casting basin located on a 54 +/- acre site
    • Built in 2011
    •  On-site parking for dozens of vehicles
    • Located on the Chehalis River next to the Port of Grays Harbor
    • Located on the Pacific Northwest Coastal Freight  Corridor with access to marine, rail, road, and communications networks
    • Close proximity to the Pacific Ocean

Specialist Reports & Additional Property Information are available at:


Please call 360-705-7358 or email Randy.Johnson@wsdot.wa.gov

Tours of the property are available upon request.

Please Note:  The surety deposit requirement for submitting a bid on this property is $50,000.  Please see the General Sales Terms for additional details.

Site last updated:  May 1, 2017
This property information is also available on our Interactive Map.

Comments or questions about this site or the terms of use should be directed to Michelle Newlean, Disposal Supervisor.

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