Is your local city among the safest in Washington?

No local cities are among the “20 Safest Cities in Washington”, but 3 Grays Harbor cities are among the top 100.

In a new report from Safewise, they list the “20 Safest Cities in Washington” for 2017.

No Grays Harbor or Pacific County cities are on that top list.

The report, based on the FBI’s 2015 crime report lists the Central Washington town of Mattawa as safest in the state.

Safewise reviewed the most recent FBI statistics from 2015, and compared these to population data, eliminating all cities with fewer than 2,000 residents as well as any cities that did not submit a crime report to the FBI.

Safewise expanded their list to include a top 100 of the state.

Locally, Montesano was ranked as the safest local city, coming in at 25th in the state. Ocean Shores was ranked 52, and Hoquiam came in as 75 out of the top 100.

No cities in Pacific County were ranked in the top 100.

It is not known which local cities submitted data to the FBI.

Safewise says that, Washington came in seventeenth in the nation for violent crimes and forty-seventh for property crime.

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