Aberdeen is getting a substance abuse and mental health facility

This month, Lifeline Connections purchased 311 South I Street in Aberdeen, formerly housing Beyond Survival who moved in February .

KXRO spoke with Jared Sanford, MPA, the Chief Executive Officer for Lifeline, about their plans for the building in downtown Aberdeen.

Sanford tells KXRO that they received a contract from Great Rivers Behavioral Health to serve the Aberdeen community.

Lifeline purchased the building this month, with the Grays Harbor County Auditor showing a May 10 change, and they plan to open their doors on July 1 of this year.

Sanford says that the facility will cover “a broad range of behavioral health outpatient services” for the area.

This includes “addiction; substance use disorder services for adults, kids, and adolescents; mental health treatment for individuals with severe mental illness, for adults, children, families; and for treatment for individuals who have both. A lot of our individuals have a substance abuse disorder and a severe mental illness.”

Sanford says that with the local need, their goal is to assist clients to become “productive members of the community again.”

The new facility will start with substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals, but Sanford says that as they fill their caseloads they will grow “to meet the demand of the community.”

“Whatever that demand is, we will grow to meet that need in the community.”

The new facility is scheduled to open July 1 and provide treatment to “all addictive substances” including alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, and opioids for adults and adolescents.


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