Dr. Canfield facing charges about ability to practice medicine

Dr. Canfield has been charged with being unable to practice in Grays Harbor, following concerns with his health by the Department of Health.

The Department of Health released disciplinary actions against Dr. Daniel J. Canfield, saying that an evaluation found he is “unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety”.

Charges against Dr. Canfield say that DOH found Dr. Canfield to “have serious health conditions that make it difficult for him to function as a physician”.

Disciplinary actions are pending.

61 year old Dr. Canfield received his credential as an osteopathic physician and surgeon in 2001. In 2014, concerns were raised about Dr. Canfield, saying he was “possibly impaired due to a known medical condition”. Following those concerns, the DOH says that Dr. Canfield received a neuropsychological evaluation, which the report states he would “have difficulty functioning as a physician due to cognitive difficulties”.

In May, Dr. Canfield was involved in an accident on State Route 105 after suffering a medical event.

2 days later, the State issued charges against him, which can be defended.

Dr. Canfield’s current Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon License is set to expire in October of this year, according to DOH records.

Dr. Canfield serves as an internist and Medical Program Director for the Grays Harbor Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council.

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