Medical Program Director license suspended for Dr. Canfield

The Emergency Care Section of the Office of Community Health Systems has immediately suspended the license of Grays Harbor County Medical Program Director Dr. Daniel Canfield, pending further legal action.

This follows concerns and charges raised in May by the Department of Health.

Those charges said that Dr. Canfield had “serious health conditions that make it difficult for him to function as a physician”.

The Department of Health released disciplinary actions against Dr. Canfield, writing that an evaluation found he is “unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety”.

Dr. Canfield served as Medical Program Director for the Grays Harbor Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council.

Following the suspension, Dr. Canfield cannot practice as a Medical Program Director in Washington until the charges are resolved.

He has 20 days to respond to charges and request a hearing.

Dr. Canfield’s Physician and Surgeon License is still active.

His Medical Program Director credentials have been suspended, and his Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon License is currently pending review.

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