Governor Inslee in Grays Harbor and Pacific County

Governor Jay Inslee will be in Grays Harbor and Pacific County for the next 2 days.

According to an official release, the Governor is taking part in the tour of the area in order to “discuss economic development, natural resources and recreational tourism”.

As part of the trip, Gov. Inslee will be speaking with local leaders and touring the area, including specifically the proposed future site of the Grays Harbor Gateway Center in Aberdeen.

The tour will feature talks with economic leaders in the area, as well as tours of Westport  and talks with community leaders from the coastal fishing and outdoor recreation community.

On Tuesday, Inslee will be speaking in Pacific County regarding cross laminate timber, and examining the issues facing the timber industry.

The Pacific County trip will also include talks with the shellfish industry and those in the Long Beach Peninsula tourism industry.

Many of the events on the 2 day tour are open to the public.


Monday, July 24

Tour the Aberdeen Gateway Center Project

Meeting with Grays Harbor Economic Development Leaders

Boat Tour from Aberdeen to Westport

Lunch with WeFish and community leaders

Meeting with Coastal Fishing Community

Westport Tour with Mayor Rob Bearden

Conversation with the Coastal Outdoor Recreation Community

Lighting the Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, July 25

Discussion on cross laminate timber (CLT) and timber industry Issues

Willapa Bay Oyster Tour

Meeting with travel and tourism industry representatives

Bike Tour of Discovery Trail from Long Beach to North Head

ACA Press Conference in Issaquah

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