Lady Washington runs aground

On a trip from the John Wayne Marina in Sequim, and en route to Port Orchard, the Lady Washington ran aground.

The Lady became stuck around 8:15am.

The United States Coast Guard were called just before 8:30 to assist, but due to the low tide, the Lady was stuck.

Reports show that there were almost 20 people on board at the time it became grounded, but there were no injuries, and the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport tells KXRO that “no serious damage to the vessel is predicted.”

Just after 3pm, the tide had risen enough for the Lady to begin moving again, and tests found her to be fully functional.

The tall ship was escorted to the Port Townsend Boatyard to confirm that no significant  damage occurred.

The cause of the grounding is still under internal investigation.

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport tells KXRO that they will issue a statement once an internal investigation has concluded.


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