Ballots for Primary Election due today

Voters have until tonight to turn in their ballots for the Primary Election.

Ballots are due to be either postmarked for today or left at a drop site by 8pm tonight in order to be counted.

Grays Harbor County Auditor Vern Spatz told KXRO that his office is “Expecting no more than 23% to 25% overall”.

South Beach fire authorities are in the most need of a turnout, both for a positive return to convert all 5 fire departments into a Regional Fire Authority, as well as overall turnout in order to qualify. In addition to a YES vote, at least 40% of the voters who turned out in the recent Presidential election are required to validate the votes.

Elma voters are being asked to turn in the second ballot they received, after a resolution to extend a tax for police services was left off the original ballot. This tax would be used to raise $200,000 to be used for “adequately funding the operations and maintenance” of the Elma Police Department. Voters should have received a ballot in mid-July, and another ballot in the week following. Only one ballot per voter will apply for the final count.

Local races for political office will be sent only to those voters within the prospective wards and districts.

Some East County residents will see a race for Hospital District #1 Commissioner, McCleary Mayor, and Fire District #5 Commissioner.

Aberdeen residents in Ward 1 have an opportunity to narrow a race for City Council down to 2 candidates, while all of Aberdeen residents can bring the field of 3 for Aberdeen School District board member to 2.

Cosmopolis residents will see 2 races and 6 total candidates as they vote on school board seats.

In Pacific County, only voters in the Tokeland and Raymond areas will see a ballot. Tokeland is looking to join the South Beach Regional Fire Authority, while 3 candidates are running for the Raymond Mayor’s seat.

The top two candidates in each office on the Primary will move on to the November Election, regardless of party.

According to the secretary of state’s office, there are 825 candidates in 244 contests and 55 ballot measures in a total of 226 jurisdictions statewide.

While there are no statewide offices on the ballot, the match that is getting the most attention within the state is the Seattle mayoral race, where 21 candidates are seeking to replace current Mayor Ed Murray, who ended his re-election bid in early May after four men claimed he sexually abused them when they were teenagers. Murray has vehemently denied the allegations.

Voters began receiving their state primary ballots in the mail weeks ago, but today is the last day for voters to get their ballots in or postmarked for mail delivery. As of Monday morning, just 14 percent of voters have returned their ballots.

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