2017 Primary Election Results

The South Beach may be getting a Regional Fire Authority.

Despite currently receiving a majority, all 5 fire departments from Westport south to Tokeland may be combining their resources. In order to pass, at least 40% of the voters who turned out in November needed to turn out for this election to allow Westport Fire Department, Fire District 3, Fire District 11, Fire District 14, and Pacific County Fire Protection District No. 5 to move forward with their consolidation.

Despite being left off the original ballot sent to voters, Elma residents responded and approved $200,000 for the Elma Police Department to continue service at the current level. Voters received 2 ballots for the Primary Election after the resolution was left off the ballot. A second ballot was sent out to homes containing the measure, with only one vote counted for each voter who returned both.

Despite both passing by over 60%, preliminary figures show that neither the Regional Fire Authority or Elma received enough votes prior to Election Night to meet the 40% General Election requirement to pass.

McCleary Mayor Brent Schiller is currently receiving the majority of votes with 66.83% to retain his seat. Former Mayor Gary Dent and Jared Berken are tied at 16.58%.

On the McCleary City Council, voters will have an opportunity to elect Jaron Heller or Eric Hart in November.

In Aberdeen, current City Council President Tawni Andrews will face Dick Murchy in November for her seat in Ward 1.

Jennifer Durney, who was appointed to the Aberdeen School Board to fill a seat left open when Christi Boora resigned in May, will be facing Devin Backholm in the General Election.

Susan Conniry will be facing current Councilmember John Lynn for Position #1 on the Ocean Shores City Council in November.

Lisa Griebel looks to face Shannon Rubin for Position #3 on the General Election while Council Position #5 will feature a race between Steve Ensley and Randy Scott.

Sitting Councilwoman Jackie Farra chose to file for position #3 instead of #5 that she now holds, and is now receiving the least amount of votes out of all candidates in the city for a seat.

Cosmopolis PTSO Treasurer Tina Miles is currently set to face Barbie Smith for the Cosmopolis School Board seat currently held by Mark Collett, who currently is losing his place on the November ballot for his seat, while Cindy Grenier will challenge Dave Palmer for his place on the school board.

Current Grays Harbor Fire District #5 Commissioner Eric Patton will face former commissioner Dave Hauge for a 6 year term.

A seat currently held by Chad Searls on the Hospital District #1 Board will be decided between retired GHPH #1 accountant Georgette Beerbower Hiles and Reflexologist Carolyn Wescott.

The Grays Harbor County Elections Office have scheduled another count of ballots on Friday, with voters certified on August 15.



Grays Harbor

August 1, 2017 Primary

Public Hospital

Hospital District 1 Hospital 1 Position 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Otis Leathers
96 9.92%
Georgette Beerbower Hiles
522 53.93%
Carolyn Wescott
350 36.16%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 968

Aberdeen Council Ward 1 Position 2
Candidate Vote Vote %
Dick Murchy
64 33.86%
Robert J Rodgers
35 18.52%
Tawni Andrews
90 47.62%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 189

City of Elma City of Elma Proposition 1 Levy to Partially Fund Police Services for 2018 (City of Elma Resolution No. 634)
Measure Vote Vote %
292 82.72%
61 17.28%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 353

City of McCleary Mayor
Candidate Vote Vote %
Jared Berken
33 16.58%
Donald Gary Dent
33 16.58%
Brent Schiller
133 66.83%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 199

City of McCleary Position 3
Candidate Vote Vote %
Jaron Heller
85 46.2%
Eric J. Hart
61 33.15%
Odd DeBakker
38 20.65%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 184

City of Ocean Shores Position 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Susan Conniry
552 45.77%
John Lynn
461 38.23%
Michael Darling
193 16%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 1,206

City of Ocean Shores Position 3
Candidate Vote Vote %
Shannon Rubin
385 32.33%
Jackie Farra
157 13.18%
John Schroeder
242 20.32%
Lisa Griebel
407 34.17%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 1,191

City of Ocean Shores Position 5
Candidate Vote Vote %
Steve Ensley
609 52.82%
Will Oaks
155 13.44%
Randy D. Scott
389 33.74%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 1,153

City of Westport South Beach Regional Fire Authority Creation of the South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Measure Vote Vote %
291 77.39%
85 22.61%
Total Votes 376 100%

Sch Dist 5 – Aberdeen School 5 Position 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Devin Backholm
708 39.07%
Anna Stone
306 16.89%
Jennifer Durney
798 44.04%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 1,812

Sch Dist 99 -Cosmopolis School 99 Director District 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Mark Collett
58 20.28%
Tina Miles
118 41.26%
Barbie Smith
110 38.46%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 286

Sch Dist 99 -Cosmopolis School 99 Director District 4 (at large)
Candidate Vote Vote %
Dave Palmer
175 60.14%
Mike Charlton
34 11.68%
Cindy Grenier
82 28.18%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 291

Fire District 3 South Beach Regional Fire Authority Creation of the South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Measure Vote Vote %
112 82.96%
23 17.04%
Total Votes 135 100%

Fire District 5 Fire 5 Position 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Liisa Mayberry
90 21.38%
Dave Hauge
148 35.15%
Eric L Patton
183 43.47%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 421

Fire District 11 South Beach Regional Fire Authority Creation of the South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Measure Vote Vote %
192 84.96%
34 15.04%
Total Votes 226 100%

Fire District 14 South Beach Regional Fire Authority Creation of the South Beach Regional Fire Authority
Measure Vote Vote %
121 67.98%
57 32.02%
Total Votes 178 100%

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