Stafford Creek Corrections inmate donates $200 to prison library

A Stafford Creek Corrections inmate donated money to the prison library after budget cuts hit the facility.

In a release from Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s office, an inmate named Brian at Stafford Creek Corrections Center recently donated $200 to the facility after he saw budget cuts continue for library supervisor Jeannie Remillard.

Laura Sherbo, the Washington State Library program manager in charge of state corrections center libraries, said that she received the letter and donation from Brian.

“We appreciate Brian for making this generous and thoughtful donation to his library at Stafford Creek,” said State Librarian Cindy Aden. “It underscores the fact that these libraries make a real difference in inmates’ lives. A special shout-out to Jeannie Remillard, too; she is one of our long-serving institutional librarians, and her dedication—and those of her colleagues around the state – make a huge difference every day to hundreds of inmates. When you consider that over 80 percent of our inmate population will be released, you realize how important these libraries are in preparing them for re-entering society.”

Brian says in the letter that he gives the donation, with the condition “that it be allocated to the Washington State Library at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center”, in care of librarian Jeannie Remillard.

He states that he has been at Stafford Creek for “nearly fifteen years” and the library has been his “most appreciated privilege allowed within the confines of the correctional facility”.

Brian says “I have witnessed Mrs. Remillard’s budget go from tens of thousands to literally less than a few thousand” although Remillard “has found ways to make her paper-thin budget stretch, keeping us prisoners stocked with reading materials and other literary programs”.


The Washington State Library partners with nine correctional facilities across the state, as well as Western State Hospital and Eastern State Hospital.


The Washington State Library is the only state library in America that provides prison library services that include library facilities and in-house staff. The Washington State Library has run its institutional libraries for more than 50 years.

People who are interested in supporting the Washington State Library and its programs like the Institutional Library Services can make a donation to the Washington State Center Trust by going here.

Current and retired public employees enrolled in the Combined Fund Drive can donate to the State Library by going here. These donors just need to add “PRISON LIBRARY” into the program designation as they complete their donation.

Washington’s Office of Secretary of State oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. The office also manages the State Archives and the State Library, as well as documenting extraordinary stories in Washington’s history through Legacy Washington.





Jeannie Remillard helps some patrons at the library.

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