3 Auditor candidates step forward as temporary Auditor is announced

Following the retirement of Grays Harbor County Auditor Vern Spatz, the Grays Harbor County Commissioners announced on Monday that they have a temporary replacement.

Chief Deputy Auditor Melinda Raihl will replace Spatz as of August 31.

Commissioner Randy Ross says that this appointment is currently temporary.


The Auditor will oversee the Elections, Licensing, Recordings, and Accounting departments for the county.

When Spatz retires, the Grays Harbor Democrats will select 3 names as possible replacements to fill the position until voters can elect an Auditor. These names are chosen by the local political party affiliated with the current elected official, and are traditionally of the same party.

3 residents have stepped forward showing their interest in the position. This includes Democrats Chris Thomas of Montesano and current Hoquiam Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff, as well as Republican Joe MacLean of Elma.

KXRO has been told that both Dickhoff and Thomas have expressed their interest at regularly scheduled Grays Harbor Democrat meetings, and Maclean, currently working for the Washington Secretary of State’s Office, spoke with the Democrats last week.

Maclean issued a release to KXRO saying that he has spent past 10 years employed at the Secretary of State’s Elections division and was employed prior for 7 years at the Okanogan County Auditor’s Office.

He says, “As an election administrator, I strive for accuracy and consistency in elections. I always accept the results of the election. No matter my beliefs, your vote is the voice of Grays Harbor County.”

Maclean has already filed with the Public Disclosure Commission as a candidate for the 2018 election.


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