Derelict buildings could be purchased by City of Aberdeen

The City of Aberdeen may be acquiring abandoned buildings within city limits.

Over the weekend, the buildings at the corner of Market and Michigan streets were removed. Following a fire, the properties had been a safety concern as squatters had been using them, and an eyesore to residents.

The city spent months working through a process of purchase and demolition to have them removed, and will proceed with either using the land for a city project or selling it to another entity for use.

Mayor Larson said that there are currently a couple properties up for abatement in South Aberdeen that may see a similar process.

At the Wednesday City Council meeting, Mayor Erik Larson says that the city may go even further with this type of purchase and rehab.


Larson says that Grays Harbor County previously had an ordinance that did not allow them to sell properties that failed to sell at a foreclosure auction for less than what was currently owed. He says that they have amended this ordinance and the first round of properties are listed for sale in September.


Larson says that there are many properties, “especially commercial properties”, where the city has demolished buildings through the abatement process, and placed liens on the property. He says that he feels that the taxes owed on the properties will work in their favor when looking to bid on them.

According to the County website, “The properties in the 2017 Foreclosure Sale will have a tax that is at least 3 full years delinquent (the full 2014 tax). In some cases earlier taxes may also be delinquent. The grace period is 3 full years. The full year 2014 taxes will be 3 years past due on May 1, 2017.”

The Tax Foreclosure List will be posted in September, and up for sale December 8.


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