Downtown Aberdeen now has a public toilet

Downtown Aberdeen now has a bathroom facility.

On Wednesday, the City of Aberdeen placed a portable toilet in the city owned parking lot at the heart of Aberdeen.


Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson says that the new toilet will be available “24/7” and is meant to be an alternative for anyone in the community who may not have another option while downtown.

Portable toilets have also been placed on the riverfront near the homeless encampment for the people who live there.

Mayor Larson says that there may be more bathrooms added in the future.

Concerns have been raised for the lack of public facilities that cater to the homeless population, to avoid placing a burden onto businesses or create no other option than urination and defecation in alley ways and main thoroughfares.

Over the weekend, the public bathroom at Franklin Field was removed after being closed numerous times for safety concerns. This bathroom was placed at Finch Spray Park.

Many businesses open their bathrooms only to customers.

This bathroom will be open to anyone who may be traveling through Aberdeen and stop to park, or those walking in the downtown.

In addition to the toilet, Mayor Larson says that they have also been working in other ways to improve their town.




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