Fireworks regulations could be decided by the people

New fireworks regulations could come down to a vote of the people.

Following the Hoquiam City Council meeting on Monday night, the Public Safety Committee held a meeting, looking at topics to present to the council.

One of the topics was the possibility of placing restrictions on where fireworks could be used within the city.

The topic was raised by Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff in July as a question to the council following the fire that destroyed buildings in Oakville. She asked at the time if the council thought that residents and visitors should be limited to certain areas within the city.

Locally, the cities of Ocean Shores and Westport limit firework discharges to only in certain beach areas.

The committee discussed ways to lower the risk of fire, illegal discharges, and garbage left from the explosives.

At the committee meeting, public comment included Paul McMillan from the Hoquiam Lions, who run the only fireworks stand within city limits, as well as residents in favor of a partial or complete ban.

Following comments from the public and the committee, the question was raised about placing an advisory vote in an upcoming election to ask the public for their input. This vote would not be binding, but would provide input to the council for possible action.

A motion was made to have City Administrator Brian Shay look into what it would take to bring such a vote to the people before the suggestion be brought back to the City Council at their next meeting.

Even if passed, the law would not change the way fireworks could be used on the 4th of July until 2019.

-Featured photo obviously not representative of the actual ballot. Comedic representation of the voting form-

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