You might be able to update your birth certificate to remove gender

The Department of Health is considering adopting a new rule statewide that would allow people to list themselves as “non-binary” when updating birth certificates.

On August 22, 2017, the Department of Health filed a “Preproposal Statement of Inquiry” to consider adopting the new rule.

This new rule would set procedures for changing birth certificates to show the sex designation that a person identifies with.

They say that the change is similar to one used by the Department of Licensing and would create a “Change of Gender Designation” request form.

In order to change their sex, a medical or mental health professional would need to attest to the gender change.

In addition to male and female, the option of “non-binary” is being proposed for those people who identify as neither male nor female.

The department will post a draft rule will open the change to comments from the public before making the rule effective.

A timeline shows that the change would not go into effect until January 2018.


File CR-101 8/23/17 8/22/17
Notify interested parties of rule making 8/30/17
Gather informal comments on draft rule 9/12/17
Assess informal comments, revise draft rule if necessary, and prepare analyses 10/18/17
File CR 102 11/1/17
Notify interested parties of opportunity to comment on proposed rule 11/15/17
Public Hearing 12/5/17
Assess formal comments and revise rule if necessary 12/13/17
File CR 103 12/27/17
Respond to formal comments and notify stakeholders of effective date of adopted rule 1/10/17
Rule Effective 1/27/18



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