Emergency Preparedness EXPO and Great Shakeout planned for October

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management has scheduled events in October to better prepare residents in case of an emergency.

The first event is their Citizen Preparedness Expo on Saturday, October 7 in Aberdeen.

At the free event, families are welcome to meet with a number of local agencies that would be involved in case of an emergency.

Deputy Director of Emergency management, Chuck Wallace told KXRO that the expo will include “hands-on exhibits and instructional activities for the entire family on emergency and disaster preparedness from community, local, state and federal agencies”.

Wallace added, “Disaster preparedness is paramount in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to have each in attendance, leave the event better prepared, reducing the impact Mother Nature could inflict upon the communities and people of Grays Harbor County.”

Wallace said that the event will run from 10am-3 pm at the Rotary Log Pavilion.

On October 19, the yearly Washington State Great Shakeout will allow resides to practice what to do during an earthquake event.

The annual Shakeout takes place each year on 10/19 at 10:19 am, and can be done wherever a person may be at the time.

On October 19th, at 10:19am, regional AHAB sirens will active with a voice message announcing the test, followed by all sirens activating the full siren.

Wallace said that this will include all parts of the AHAB siren.

The Shakeout test will sound different than the monthly test featuring the Westminster Chimes.

Wallace reminds residents that the AHAB sirens are designed to be heard outdoors and have a range of around one mile. If you are indoors, Emergency Management recommends having an All Hazard Alert Weather Radio. These radios will be tested at the same time on October 19.

As part of the exercise, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is asking all government buildings, schools, businesses and private citizens to:

  • Practice “Drop, Cover and Hold On” procedures –


2)     Then evacuate their building, school or home to a predetermined safe area and account for all staff, students and family.

  1. a) A process should be in place to account for any staff, student or family member not on location with you – text, phone call etc.
  2. b) Consider who to contact should you find anyone is NOT accounted for.

3)   Since most families are NOT together for this event, please consider discussing your family disaster plans over the weekend so all family members are fully aware what is expected from each person.

The exercise should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and is to provide awareness to citizens, enabling them to best protect themselves, their staff, students and family members during an earthquake event.


Remember that notification of whether a tsunami has been generated or not may take up to 10-15 minutes following the shaking of an earthquake. Your initial actions should be to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” followed by moving to high ground without hesitation!  Once on high ground, personnel accountability should take place.

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