Hazardous Material Exercise this Weekend in Grays Harbor and Mason County

A multi-day hazardous material exercise is coming to Grays Harbor and Mason County this weekend.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management tells KXRO that the Vertellus Performance Chemical Plant in Elma will be the main focus of a multi-day hazardous material exercise sponsored by the Grays Harbor Local Emergency Planning Committee.

During the exercise they will simulate response for a hazardous material release triggered by an earthquake and Units from Grays Harbor Fire District # 5, Elma Fire, Grays Harbor Fire District #2, Grays Harbor Emergency Management, the Washington National Guard, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Summit Pacific Hospital and Mason General Hospital will participate.

The Vertellus Plant will simulate damage to their system pipeline with injuries to personnel.

Their goal is to practice plant shutdown procedures, product containment, personnel treatment, and transport to the hospital.

Area hospitals will exercise their ability to manage and triage an overwhelming number of patients impacted by the event.

The exercise will take place on Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management says you may notice staging of equipment at various places throughout the county, as well as military and civilian vehicles, fire apparatus and ambulances driving from the Vertellus site and Grays Harbor Fire District #2 to area and regional hospitals.

They say the exercise also provides another opportunity for numerous local and regional agencies to interact with National Guard units.

The Grays Harbor County Local Emergency Planning Committee is extremely pleased that the Vertellus Performance Chemicals plant in Elma, stepped forward and requested to be the focus of the exercise, which will test and enhance numerous emergency and response plans throughout the region.

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