WSDOT property for sale in Grays Harbor prices vary by $4.99 million dollars

For starting bids of $2,600 or $5 million, you could own a piece of Department of Transportation property.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is looking to sell 2 pieces of property in Grays Harbor that would take them off the state inventory.

In an auction on October 25, 2017, WSDOT will be auctioning off 11 properties across the state.

This includes a 2.9 acre piece of land along Highway 101 on the Raymond Highway.

The “irregular shaped” parcel sits around 5 miles south of Cosmopolis, and around 1500 feet south of Clark’s Restaurant.

The empty piece of land is covered in trees and has the Little North River running through the back side. Starting bid on this land will be $2,600, and it holds an assessed value of $32,000.

For those with a larger budget, the price on the WSDOT land used to build the SR 520 Bridge pontoons has dropped in price, down from a minimum bid of $9.75 million to only $5 million.

Floating out their final pontoons in 2015, the 54 acre site purchased by WSDOT in 2010 for just under $5 million has remained empty since.

In a “Highest and Best Use Industrial Study” by Nichols Marine Services, they said that the location may not be worth anything.

The study was commissioned by the City of Aberdeen to analyze the site and look at possible uses.

According to the report, the highest and best use industries identified for the site were all found to be in the marine industry:

  • Marine vessel, repair and modification;
  • Marine vessel, new construction; and
  • Marine vessel, decommissioning or ship breaking.

Nichols says that several modifications would be needed before any industry could effectively use the site.

“because site modifications are necessary for any marine industry, the value of the site in its current configuration has been set at zero dollars.”

They continue to say that “Having to pay a positive value for this SR 520 pontoon casting basin site would likely render the site undesirable and cost prohibitive to potential buyers.”

They say in the release that the modifications to house a marine vessel business they say “are expected to total approximately $12.5 million. It is also expected that from the time the land is purchased, to the time an industry would be ready to open for business would likely be about 16 months.”

The only local company that has stated they placed a bid on the property was Grays Harbor Shipyard LLC, although interest has been officially expressed by the Port of Grays Harbor to expand their footprint

Bids for properties up for auction require a 10% surety deposit, while the pontoon site requires a $50,000 deposit to bid.

The following properties are going to  auction on October 25, 2017:

King County
1-17-05748  Seattle
1-17-14744  Seattle

Snohomish County
1-31-05252  Unincorporated County

Chelan County
2-04-14855  Wenatchee

Grant County
2-13-00033  Moses Lake
2-13-00099  Ephrata

Okanogan County
2-24-00002  Unincorporated County

Clallam County
3-05-09328  Unincorporated County

Grays Harbor County
3-14-00116  Unincorporated County

Columbia County
5-07-00031  Unincorporated County

Kittitas County
5-19-00056  Unincorporated County

Properties Currently Available for Purchase (No Auction):

The following properties are available on a first come first served basis at the minimum bid price. Please see paragraph 12 of our General Sale Terms for additional information on this process.

King County
1-17-00077  SOLD
1-17-05469  Kent
1-17-05659  Auburn
1-17-07844  Unincorporated County
1-17-09740  SOLD

Skagit County
1-29-00079  Unincorporated County
1-29-07258  SOLD

Snohomish County
1-31-05757  SOLD
1-31-05919  SOLD
1-31-09124  Unincorporated County
1-31-10995  SOLD

Whatcom County
1-37-11767  SOLD

Douglas County
2-09-00019  SOLD
2-09-00074  Unincorporated County
2-09-14323  Unincorporated County

Grant County
2-13-00012  SOLD
2-13-07954  Moses Lake

Okanogan County
2-24-00068  Unincorporated County

Clallam County
3-05-04957  SOLD
3-05-06542  Sequim
3-05-07793  Unincorporated County
3-05-11834  Unincorporated County

Grays Harbor
3-14-09228  PRICE REDUCED
SR 520 Aberdeen Casting Basin

Kitsap County
3-18-14235  SOLD

Mason County
3-23-00006  Unincorporated County

Pierce County
3-27-08638  Unincorporated County

Thurston County
3-34-07961  Unincorporated County
3-34-08651  SOLD

Clark County
4-06-04363  SOLD
4-06-04574  Unincorporated County
4-06-10677  SOLD
10-06-09816 SOLD
4-06-13954  Unincorporated County

Cowlitz County
4-08-04570  Kelso
4-08-14547  Unincorporated County

Klickitat County
4-20-00064 Unincorporated County

Yakima County
5-39-00682  SOLD

Adams County
6-01-04343  Unincorporated County

Lincoln County
6-22-00082  Unincorporated County

Pend Oreille County
6-26-00043  SOLD

Spokane County
6-32-00088  Spokane Valley
6-32-13948  SOLD


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