Three storms coming to Grays Harbor this week

Storm season is coming to Grays Harbor this week.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management tells KXRO that the first of three storm systems will be impacting the region today.

They say South winds will increase to 18-23 mph, gusting to 25-30 mph and the wind gusts could present issues leading to local power outages, because most trees still have full leaf canopies.

There is a possibility of tree limbs falling and downing power lines.

Leaves blown from the trees could also cover storm drains, leading to very localized urban flooding issues.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management says a much stronger second storm will arrive late tonight and last through the early morning hours of Thursday.

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Watch for Wednesday saying that winds will be 20-35 MPH with possible gusts up to 40-50 MPH.

Coastal areas of Grays Harbor County will be affected including Ocean Shores, Westport, Hoquiam and Aberdeen.

The peak winds will be Wednesday afternoon and ease Wednesday evening.

A third storm is heading our way this weekend and if it brings heavy rainfall, there is a possibility some area streams and rivers could approach flood stage.

Better models for that storm will be available later in the week.

Rainfall from tonight through Thursday morning is forecast to be between 2.5 and 3 inches.

Heavy downpours could occur at any time.

Please use caution while driving during periods of rain due to the potential of pooled water on area roads and highways.

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