Space open on Open Space; Advisory Committee looking for residents

Residents have an opening to work with the Grays Harbor County Assessor to decide how much local farmlands, timber, and open areas are worth.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners announced that they have openings on the Open Space Advisory Board.

Established in 2010, the Open Space Advisory Committee is 5 local residents who represent  the active farming community within Grays Harbor.

The committee serves in an advisory role to the Assessor to look at guidelines on how local crops and land will impact the assessed value of local open space, farms, agricultural, and timber lands.

Each member of the advisory committee serves a 1 year term.

According to the Commissioners Office, the Committee was established as follows:

  1. The Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC) shall serve as an ad hoc advisory committee to the Assessor.
  2. The OSAC shall be composed of five members appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Upon appointment, each member of the advisory committee shall serve a one-year term.
  3. The OSAC shall elect officers and adopt operating procedures. All meetings and records of the advisory committee shall be open to the public according to RCW 42.30 and 42.56.
  4. OSAC members may be removed from the advisory committee by majority vote of the Board of Commissioners.
  5. The OSAC shall not give advice to the Assessor regarding the valuation or assessment of specific parcels of land. However, it may supply the Assessor with advice on typical crops, land quality, and net cash rental assessments to assist the assessor in determining appropriate values.  The advisory committee shall comply with the requirements of WAC 458-30-345 as currently adopted or hereafter amended.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners are requesting that interested persons contact the Commissioner’s Office to be considered for appointment.

You can email the Clerk of the Board, Jenna Amsbury at, call the office at (360) 249-3731 or send a letter to 100 W. Broadway Suite 1, Montesano, WA 98563.

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