YMCA of Grays Harbor opens preschool in Pacific Beach

A new preschool is open at Pacific Beach Elementary, thanks to the YMCA of Grays Harbor.

With support from the Grays Harbor Community Foundation and North Beach School District, the YMCA of Grays Harbor has launched a new Preschool at Pacific Beach Elementary.

16 kids are enrolled in the preschool and Afterschool Enrichment Care location, with capacity for 20 total students.

“Advances in science and research have proven the important impact that preschool programs can have on children’s learning. Unfortunately too many children still do not have access to these programs causing huge educational gaps to exist for some children when starting kindergarten. The addition of the new preschool site at Pacific Beach Elementary will expand access to high-quality preschool and help narrow achievement gaps. “

Grays Harbor Community Foundation’s Great Beginnings of Grays Harbor supported the project with funding “to ensure program feasibility and scholarship assistance to ensure sustainability of the program”.

“This exciting opportunity is a testament of what can be done when multiple community organizations work together to impact the youth in our community” says Franzine Potts, CEO/Executive Director of the YMCA of Grays Harbor. “The collaboration will allow us to reach youth in a remote community who may not otherwise have this opportunity. By placing the benefit of youth as the driving force of this project, once only a dream, became a reality.”

The school, with a focus on Early Learning Readiness, features some of the first children in Grays Harbor receiving full day preschool, according to the Y.

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