Hoquiam Mayor frustrated by movement on consolidation

Mayor Jasmine Dickhoff is sending a letter to the City of Aberdeen, saying that efforts to look at consolidating services have not moved forward.

In September, 2016 the cities of Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, and Hoquiam all joined on a letter stating that they would look at consolidating portions of their operations.

The letter, signed by all three mayors, said;

“We are convinced that such an undertaking is in the best interest of our citizens.”

On Monday, Dickhoff said that she has made efforts with Aberdeen, but no progress has been made.

She said during the Hoquiam City Council meeting that over the past 2 years, there had been discussions to consolidate Finance Directors, allowing City Administrator Brian Shay to work for the benefit of both cities, having Chief Jeff Myers lead both police departments while Mayor Erik Larson led an effort to run a Regional Fire Authority out of Aberdeen, as well as sharing a mechanic and IT person.

Dickhoff said that she feels that efforts could have already been underway to share their resources.


All 3 cities and City Councils signed off on the letter to look at consolidation, with a plan to establish a time table, work plan, and budget to consider if consolidation is a real option for the area.

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