Hoquiam residents can once again fix their carports

Residents with older homes in Hoquiam no longer have to worry about having to repair their carports or other parts of their home for fear of having to remove them.

Residents came to the city, saying that the Hoquiam Municipal Code would not allow them to replace portions of their carports, such as a roof or new posts, because it went against the local building code.

The Planning Commission heard testimony on the issue saying that it was hurting residents in older homes.

Under the code, it did not allow any repairs to any “accessory buildings” unless they meet the minimum requirements under current building code.

This rule would mean that if a resident needed to repair a roof of a carport at the edge of their property, they would have needed to move the carport further away from the property line.

In 2010, a zoning ordinance was introduced that added a portion to ensure the buildings meet property line standards and removed a portion saying;

(b) An existing nonconforming structure and its equipment or fixtures may be repaired; provided, however, that the value of the repair does not exceed fifty percent of the assessed value of the structure as determined by the county assessor for the year in which the work is to be done.

The change on Monday will allow residents to make repairs, but building and zoning ordinances will remain.





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