Grays Harbor Youth Center remains open thanks to generous funding

The Grays Harbor Youth Center says that it got an early Christmas gift to the tune of $165,000.

A program of Catholic Community Services, the local shelter for homeless and at-risk youth tells KXRO that they have received 2 “gifts” this month for donations to continue the service locally.

They report first receiving $140,000 earlier this month from Grays Harbor County to operate the facility, which they say “prevented a likely closure of the program in response to declining revenues following the loss of a federal grant”. This funding allowed them to remain open, although did not fully fund their operation and announced that daytime operations would likely be suspended this month.

According to their report, Amerigroup Washington reached out to the shelter, donating an additional $25,000 to allow them to continue operating through the holidays and into the new year.

Mike Curry, Director of Operations for Catholic Community Services’ SW region, says, “15 years ago, when I was first asked by a group of concerned people in Aberdeen about starting a shelter for homeless youth, I never could have imagined the impact this program would have on so many lives. The generous funding from the County has truly been a blessing for the many youth it serves, and we couldn’t remain open without it. Faced with the difficult decision to scale back our operations in the midst of the Holiday season, the generous unsolicited support from Amerigroup Washington has truly made this feel like a Christmas miracle.”

The Grays Harbor Youth Center is located at 111 East 4th Street in Aberdeen, and will remain open into February as Catholic Community Services continues to pursue other funding.

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