Opening on Cosmopolis School Board open to residents

A vacancy on the Cosmopolis School Board has an opportunity for a resident to apply.

On Thursday, December 14, the Board of Directors of the Cosmopolis School District accepted the resignation of Betty Campbell.

According to the school, Campbell wrote a letter to the board saying that she is retiring because her medical recovery is taking much longer than anticipated and she feels it is better to devote her time to family and recovery.

Campbell was elected to the board in 2003 and has served for 14 years.

Voters within District #3 of Cosmopolis are eligible to apply ti rill the remainder of her term, which expires in 2019.


Director District 3
Starting at the intersection of 6th St and G St.
Southwest on G St to Altenau St.
South on Altenau St to Stanford Dr.
West on Stanford Dr to Corbin St.
South on Corbin St to 2010 Cosmopolis city limits.
Counterclockwise following city limits to Mill Crk.
Northerly through Mill Crk to C St.
Northeast on C St to 5th St/6th St alleyway.
Northwest on alleyway to E St.
Northeast on E St to 5th St.
Northwest on 5th St to F St.
Southwest on F St to 6th St.
Northwest on 6th St to the point of the beginning.


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