Dead ducks near Montesano being investigated

A cash reward is being offered for any assistance in finding out who killed and dumped over 25 ducks outside Montesano. 

According to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police, they are investigating a “wildlife wastage” case in Grays Harbor over the holiday weekend. 

In a post, they say that Officers discovered three white garbage bags containing 28 ducks shot and dumped whole at the Devonshire road turnout on December 26. 

WDFW Police say that of the 28 ducks, 8 were hen Mallards, 18 Drake Mallards and were two smaller birds. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to report it, and may be eligible for a cash reward. 

If you have information, you are asked to call the WDFW Police Dispatch at 360-902-2936, or case officer Becker at 360-742-8516 to report any information that may help.




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