Man arrested in Aberdeen for having brass knuckles

A man who was stopped while pushing an ATV in Aberdeen was arrested for an illegal weapon when brass knuckles were found in his backpack.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that on Monday morning just before 5:00am there was a report that two men were seen pushing two ATVs in the area of Huntly and Lewis Streets.

Officers contacted one of the men who was pushing a red Honda 125cc ATV.

Police say the suspect was detained, and searched for safety considerations based on the circumstances and the time of the morning.

Brass knuckles were found in the man’s backpack and he was placed under arrest for possession of an illegal weapon.

A purple cloth bag containing a used syringe and a small plastic bag with residue was also found on the man.

According to police the suspect said that he pushed the ATV with a friend who had gone into the woods with the other one.

Officers found the ATVs had been taken from the 500 block of Huntly Street and the owner was contacted and reported that his friend worked on his ATVs and that it was not unusual for him to work on them at this time of the day.

He reported that two ATVs were missing, but said his friend told him that he would be working on them.

The suspect declined to talk to officers concerning the incident and he was transported to the Aberdeen jail where he was booked, issued a citation with an arraignment date, and released.

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