Resource allows local voters to track legislative actions

In addition to legislation that directly impacts local residents covered at, Washington voters can follow along legislation that could impact them throughout the upcoming session again this year through WashingtonVotes.Org.

According to a release, the website will provide complete coverage of every bill and amendment introduced in the upcoming legislative session as well as all recorded votes taken by lawmakers.

They tell KXRO that the website features essential legislative and search tools, including:

  • A searchable database of all current bills, resolutions, amendments, and votes taken by legislators, including archives going back to the 2001 session.
  • Timely status updates of legislation on the move, including plain-language descriptions.
  • Free daily customized e-mail updates to subscribers.
  • Free, weekly Roll Call service to news outlets on key legislation, matched to the legislative districts they cover.
  • The “Missed Votes Report,” a popular feature that tabulates the total number of votes taken and missed by individual legislators. The report is distributed to news outlets after session ends, along with any comments by legislators on their voting record.
  • “My Legislators’ Key Votes,” a new feature that will enable users to enter their zip code and follow important votes by lawmakers representing their area.

In addition to regular updates on the site, also posts updates on key legislation on Facebook and Twitter and distributes a “WashingtonVotes News” twice a week that voters can sign up for that provides “more in-depth information and insights” on legislative issues and actions. has provided the free service from Washington Policy Center since 2001.

State lawmakers return to Olympia on Monday, January 8, for a 60-day session.

Washington’s legislature meets in a two-year cycle of 105 days in odd and 60 days in even numbered years.

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