Walsh not interested in replacing Hutchison as GOP lead

Following the announcement this week that Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison will step down from the post next month, a new leader for the state GOP will be chosen.

Announced this week, the 63 year-old former TV news anchor, who was elected party chair in 2013 will resign as of Feb. 5.

At the time, Hutchison was chosen to lead the party over other applicants, including a Grays Harbor County State Committeeman, and now State Representative, Jim Walsh.

Hutchison was re-elected in 2015 and 2017.

We asked Representative Walsh if he would like to put his name in for the position again.


Hutchison was elected over Walsh and other candidates for the position left open when ex-chair Kirby Wilbur stepped down.

Walsh said that at this time he is not aware of who will be considered to replace the outgoing chair.


Hutchison’s statement didn’t give a reason for her departure but her name has been floated as a possible candidate for an ambassadorship or other Trump administration appointment.

Her announcement also comes after the GOP lost its majority in the state Senate in November.

The election for a new state GOP leader will take place Jan. 20 in Moses Lake, with the new chair starting work the next month.

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