Woman on mushrooms attacks man with hatchet

A woman who attacked an elderly man with a hatchet was arrested yesterday after she called 911.

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office tells KXRO that Thursday morning at about 5:40am, a woman called the Grays Harbor Communications Center and yelled that she found Lindsey Baum and was going to kill the person that had her.

The woman then claimed that the person was now dead in his car.

Dispatch was able to give a general location of the call as Dekay Road outside of Hoquiam before she hung up.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputies and officers with the Hoquiam Police Department immediately responded.

The Sheriff’s Office says that at 5:44am, dispatch received another call from a resident in the 100 block of Dekay Road about an unknown woman with a hatchet that had forced her way into a residence and was damaging furniture.

The residents were able to get the woman to leave without any injuries to themselves.

Two Hoquiam officers arrived on scene first and found the woman was still armed with a hatchet but they were able to disarm and detain her.

As deputies arrived on scene, the officers found an injured 82 year old man inside his home nearby.

The man sustained substantial injures to his head and body from being struck several times by the woman with the hatchet.

While the man did sustain significant injures, it was not believed to be life-threatening.

According to the Sheriff’s Office the suspect then started to bang her head on the patrol vehicle’s door and cage.

Officers took her out of the patrol vehicle to keep her from causing harm to herself, and she told officers that she recently ate mushrooms.

They say that shortly thereafter, the woman went unconscious and she was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

She was in critical condition at the time of the release.

The victim was also transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for his injuries.

The 29 year old Hoquiam woman was well known to the Hoquiam Police Department and they had recently arrested her on a warrant for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia as well as a separate charge of Criminal Trespass, but she was able to make bail the day before.

Deputies and detectives are continuing to work on this investigation.

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