Why are there levies if schools are “fully funded”? Find out tonight in Aberdeen.

A meeting tonight at Aberdeen High School will look at the current state of education funding.

As Washington State finalizes legislation for the McCleary Decision, work continues on school funding statewide. Despite a solution presented in the last legislative session, schools are not yet “fully funded”.

The state has approved $7.3 billion over the next four years to be used for basic education in public schools, with implementation on many parts of the plan beginning during the 2019-20 school year.

Without funding for this year and uncertainty on future funding, many local schools are putting forward levy extensions to voters on the upcoming ballot to ensure that programs and services are covered until a permanent funding solution is decided and put in place.

On the February ballot, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Wishkah, Elma, McCleary, Satsop, Oakville, North Beach, Quinault, and Taholah all have a levy up for vote.

Tonight at 5:30pm in the Aberdeen High School auditorium, local school districts are holding a community meeting to discuss school funding.

AHS tells KXRO that Cal Brodie, CFO of Educational Service District 113, will give a presentation, and that there will be “time for discussion about recent changes in state law on how schools are funded”.

The event is free and anyone with an interest in local schools are invited to attend.

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