Flood Watch today and tomorrow for Grays Harbor

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a flood watch for Grays Harbor County from 4:00 pm this afternoon until 4:00 pm tomorrow afternoon.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management tells KXRO that a strong frontal system stayed North over Vancouver Island this past weekend but it will drop South over Western Washington today.

Periods of heavy rain are expected over the Olympics and Northern Cascades which will make all rivers rise, but at this time no rivers are forecast to flood in the County.

1-2 inches of rain is expected today throughout the county, especially along the coast where it will be accompanied by gusty winds.

The rainfall could make small streams flood and create hazardous driving conditions due to ponding of water on all area roadways with reduced visibility, especially during the evening hours.

The threat of landslides remains high due to saturated ground and more rain in the forecast.

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