Contanda officially withdraw crude oil plans

Contanda has officially withdrawn their permit application for a proposed crude oil facility at the Port of Grays Harbor.

On Jan. 29, Contanda withdrew its permit application for crude oil and submitted its new application to the City of Hoquiam, which begins the permitting process for cleaner fuels.

The company does not yet have a timeline for the revised project.

Last week, Contanda announced they would be pursuing permits to expand their current facility to handle other fuels, such as biodiesel, renewable diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel

Under the revised application for eight new storage tanks would be capable of storing 1.1 million barrels of liquid.

They say this change is in anticipation of increased demand for low-carbon, cleaner fuels.

Since 2009, Contanda has operated the local facility.

“We heard the community, met with our customers and developed a revised strategy involving the storage of clean products,” said G.R. “Jerry” Cardillo, CEO of Contanda. “With the highest commitment to safety, our neighbors and the environment, we look forward to this potential expansion which will bring jobs, tax revenue and other economic benefits to the community for the long term.”

The project would create as many as 100 jobs during construction and up to 20 permanent positions when operational.

Contanda says that Grays Harbor’s location and infrastructure remain attractive to the company due to rail and deep-water marine access.

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