Man arrested after Hoquiam sergeant assaulted

A school was locked down last week and a man was arrested after a Hoquiam police sergeant was assaulted.

The Hoquiam Police Department tells KXRO that on Wednesday, February 7, just before 3:00pm in the afternoon; Sgt. Mitchell was on patrol in the area of 7th Street near the bus mall when he saw a man lingering in the area.

Due to afternoon vehicle prowls in the area, Sgt. Mitchell kept an eye on the man until the he ducked in an out of several locations before running.

The man was found between two buildings in the 500 block of J Street.

Sgt. Mitchell attempted to detain the man for trespassing near a storage shed in the side yard and was able to apply one handcuff before the man started to resist.

According to police the suspect relented for a moment when he was warned he would be tased, but then spun around and punched the officer in the head.

During the struggle, the suspect was able to rip the Taser out of the sergeant’s hand.

Police say the sergeant continued to try to control the suspect while the suspect used the Taser like a hammer to hit the sergeant in the head.

The suspect ran off toward a fence with one handcuff still attached to his arm.

Central School was placed in lock-down and despite an extensive canine search of the area, the suspect was not found.

Sgt. Mitchell was treated at the scene by the Hoquiam Fire Department for abrasions, bumps and bruises to his head, elbows, and knees as a result of the assault.

That night they were able to identify the suspect as a 19-year old Aberdeen transient wanted on outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants.

On Thursday, February 8, Sgt. Mitchell was checking locations where the suspect may hang-out, and the suspect was found at a residence in the 100 block of Eisenhower Street and arrested without incident.

Police say the suspect told detectives he was aware of the warrant for his arrest, but denied hitting the sergeant when contacted.

The suspect was booked into County Jail for felony 3rd degree assault of a police officer, disarming an officer, obstructing and resisting arrest, as well as the outstanding felony probation warrant.

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