Tacoma post on school shooting threat concerns Hoquiam parents

A post on Facebook from Tacoma caused some confusion in Hoquiam.

The Hoquiam Police Department posted that they received “many calls” over the weekend about a possible school shooting attempt in their town, that was for a school 80 miles away.

The original post was from a woman in Tacoma. Her profile appears to have been taken down, taking the post with it.

A screenshot of the alleged post shows that it stated that a student at “Lincoln” in a Snapchat video threatened to “shoot up the school” on Monday. The school in reference is Lincoln High School in Tacoma.

Before being removed, her post was shared throughout the region, and HPD says that multiple shares alleged that it was regarding Lincoln Elementary in Hoquiam.

Local police say that they have “investigated this thoroughly” and contacted Tacoma Police department to confirm.

They say that the Tacoma Police Department confirmed they were already aware of the post and were actively investigating.

KIRO reports that the 15-year-old student was identified with the help of Tacoma Public Schools, and detained. Police say probable cause was developed to arrest and book the 15-year-old into Remann Hall for Intimidation and Threats.

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