Scam asks residents to contact GH Sheriff

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office is warning businesses to be aware of a scam going around.

In a release, they tell KXRO that they have opened a criminal impersonation investigation after receiving reports from several businesses in Grays Harbor.

According to GHSO, the businesses reported  to them that they were contacted by a man who identified himself as a member of the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office, making  a series of false statements.

In one instance, the man asked the businesses to come to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up a federal subpoena as they were being investigated for a crime, while another asked for a a fine to be paid in cash at the Sheriff’s Office.

They say that if you receive a call from a person claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office and it does not seem reasonable, you should confirm you are speaking to someone official by hanging up and calling their office number during business hours at 360-249-3711 or the non-emergency dispatch number after hours at 360-533-8765.

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