PUD rate increase less than anticipated

Grays Harbor PUD customers will see an increase on their bills, but the increase is less than was anticipated.

In November, the Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners approved their 2018 budget and it included an increase in rates due to the projected 5.4% increase in Bonneville Power Administration costs.

At that time, the board was expecting a 3% increase passed onto customers.

At their Monday meeting, the board chose to lessen the impact to residents.

Starting April 1, PUD customers will see their electricity rates increase by 2.75%.

This will be a $2.98 per month increase to customers using an average of 1200 kwh, or $35.76 a year.

The 3% increase would have cost those same customers $3.26 a month, or $39.12 a year.

Board President Arie Callaghan proposed the decrease to the rate adjustment, originally asking to consider a 2.5% increase, or $2.71 a month, before the unanimous vote to meet in the middle.


When asked if the 2.75% increase was enough to meet the costs passed on from Bonneville, Callaghan said that cutting elsewhere in the utility will shoulder the other portion of the increase.


Customers will see the increase starting on their April bills.

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