Did you see it? Did you hear it? Did you feel it?

Residents throughout the area saw and heard something strange on Wednesday.

Numerous reports came from the beaches to East County around 7pm last night about a large flash of light, loud boom, and many people felt the ground move.

The Grays Harbor Emergency Management reports that they contacted the National Weather Service in Seattle about the incident and were told we were not having a severe weather event at the time.

Deputy Director of Emergency Management Chuck Wallace tells KXRO that the WA State Duty Officer contacted the FAA and the Western Air Defense Sector and was told they had no problems.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network shows movement on the ground during the timeframe, but there were no reports of earthquakes in Grays Harbor. A 2.5 magnitude earthquake was reported near Kirkland at 9:52pm on Wednesday.

Seismogram reading from Stafford Creek Corrections Center
Seismogram reading from Ocean Shores Fire Department

There are no reports of explosions or crashes on the ground.

A KXRO Listener questioned if the boom and flash was related to Navy activities on the north coast. The Navy has not issued any statements about any operations that may could have caused the incident.

Some regional meteorologists are saying that the event was likely a “Bolide”, or a meteor that is so close to the area that it can break the sound barrier.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management says that there were 15 reports to the American Meteor Society about the same incident last night.






Fireball Log for 3-7-18 from American Meteor Society

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