Commissioners serenaded at meeting about offshore drilling

A group of people serenaded the Grays Harbor County Commissioners showing their opposition to offshore oil drilling but a resolution was still not brought to the floor.

The group which called themselves the Raging Grannies played ukuleles and sang their opposition to offshore drilling and members of it also asked the commissioners to pass a resolution similar to the ones that have been passed by the cities of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Montesano, Ocean Shores, and Westport to show their opposition.

The commissioners have said that they are not planning to bring a resolution to floor that represents the commission as a whole but Commissioner Vickie Raines said she has drafted a letter showing her personal opposition.

Commissioner Wes Cormier has said before and said again that he believes the commission is not meant to express their opinions on federal matters.

Commissioner Randy Ross said he is also opposed to offshore oil drilling but also mentioned that it is already against their shoreline management plan which would make a resolution “in some ways redundant”.

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