Forest gates in Olympic National Forest opening on May 1

The Olympic National Forest announced they will be opening seasonal gates on the south part of the forest beginning May 1, and this will include the 2294 and 2270 roads in the Wynoochee River watershed.

Also included are gates on the North and South Skokomish River watershed.

Also included are the 2451 road in the North Fork Skokomish River watershed; on the 2354, 2353, and 2361 roads in the South Fork Skokomish River watershed.

Closures on these roads are implemented each winter, from October 1 through April 30, and are are part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Olympic National Forest and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

They tell KXRO that the closures are designed to:

  1. increase wildlife utilization of habitat;
  2. reduce the siltation of lakes and streams;
  3. provide diverse recreational hunting opportunities;
  4. reduce harassment levels on deer and elk; and
  5. increase the escapement rate of buck deer and bull elk.

The road systems behind these gates will now be open to vehicle travel until September 30, 2018.

For questions, please contact Betsy Howell at Olympic National Forest, 360-765-2230.    



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