Aberdeen Police Chief decision announced soon

Residents had a chance to meet the candidates for Aberdeen Police Chief over the weekend, and the final decision should come this week.

Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson held an informal meet-and-greet on Sunday for anyone interested in meeting the candidates and asking them questions.

Mayor Larson said that following comments from this meeting and the multiple interviews already held, a decision should come soon on who he will recommend for appointment .


Grays Harbor County Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate and Aberdeen Police Lieutenant Kevin Darst spoke to residents, officials, and other local law enforcement, expressing their views on what an administration would look like under their leadership.

Speaking with both candidates and asking them the same question on what changes they would like to see within APD, they both stated that being more proactive and visible was key, with a focus on the downtown.

Shumate told KXRO that the way that cases will be handled and prioritized would change.

Darst told KXRO that the current system being used focuses far too much on reports and data, and not enough on actual policing, and said that he wants to change the perception of the area.


If Mayor Larson includes the appointment on the next agenda, residents will know his selection this week.

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