Kayaker in Willapa Bay saved

Pacific County Beach Rescue and Coast Guard personnel assisted a kayaker to safety after he overturned in Willapa Bay on Sunday evening.

A Pacific County rescuer in a boat was able to get the kayaker to shore with assistance from a Coast Guard Sector Columbia River rescue swimmer.

The Coast Guard says that the call came into Pacific County 911 just before 5pm.

The kayaker reported the incident with a cellphone he had on him and rescue personnel searched the area.

A Station Grays Harbor boat crew searched the entrance to Willapa Bay and a land crew from Station Cape Disappointment was sent to Nahcotta to search.

Once a Jayhawk helicopter crew arrived on scene the rescue swimmer made first contact with the kayaker.

The Coast Guard reminds all those who take to the water in the coming months to be prepared for any possible emergencies.

Carrying a communication device like a cellphone or a handheld radio is always recommended when heading out on the water. Also recommended is staying with your paddle craft and dressing for water temperature and not air temperature.

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