Rep. Walsh supports “anti-head tax” for businesses

Representative Jim Walsh has issued a statement supporting a State Senate “anti-head tax” tax credit proposal.

Walsh said in a release that over the past few weeks, his office has “received a clear message from the people of LD19” that the people they heard from think that this tax is “a bad idea” and that they want his office to turn the Seattle policy into “something that benefits us here, in rural southwest Washington”.

Walsh told KXRO that he has already reached out to businesses that may be impacted by the recent Seattle tax that charges large companies $275 per-employee to help pay for homeless housing and services within the city, inviting them to relocate their businesses into our region while making our area more attractive to these companies.

He cites a recent bill drafted by State Sen. Steve O’Ban that he says he helped develop that would offer a “head-tax credit” to companies that create jobs in economically-distressed Washington counties.

The proposal, according to Walsh, targets a $275 per-year B&O tax credit to employers who offer jobs with pay higher than a county’s average wage, focused on counties with unemployment rates exceeding the statewide rate by 25 percent.

This would include 16 counties in all, both Grays Harbor, Pacific County, all of the 19th District and the Olympic Peninsula.

“This B&O tax credit will make relocating easier and more attractive to mid-size and larger employers. It’s a great idea.”

O’Ban has said his goal is to reverse the damage that the extremists on the Seattle City Council are doing to the entire state:

“We have to send a message that Seattle doesn’t speak for the entire state. If employers want to relocate, they should know that other counties are business-friendly and welcoming. …Concentrating our jobs in one metro area isn’t in the best interest of the state. It benefits everyone to encourage companies to move out into rural areas.”

Walsh said, “I’ll fight to see that this bill gets to the governor’s desk. As soon as possible. This tax credit is the opposite of Seattle’s jobs tax. It will reward, rather than punish, employers for hiring more Washingtonians. And I believe that it will bring more jobs to LD19.

He issued a challenge to every elected official—and every candidate seeking elective office—in rural Washington to support this targeted tax-credit plan.

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