Fire in rural Elma destroys building and spreads to brush

A building fire outside Elma spread into a brush fire.

On Sunday night around 7pm, Grays Harbor Fire District 5 was called after smoke was seen near the Cloquallum and Powers Creek roads.

According to Brian Baldwin with Grays Harbor Fire District 5, firefighters were not able to locate the fire when they initially went through the area, but as they came back they could see smoke coming from behind the trees of a long driveway. When the Fire Captain walked up the driveway he found a structure that had “apparently been on fire for some time” and told KXRO that the fire had spread to the nearby brush.

KXRO is told that the fire presented a large challenge to put out as the structure had been burning for an unknown amount of time and the area was on “a very steep, narrow and long driveway with very little room at the top for more than a few large fire apparatuses”.

Elma Fire, Fire District 12, McCleary Fire, and Washington State Department of Natural Resources all assisted in the fire response.

Deputies from the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department assisted with traffic control as the Cloquallum Rd had to be closed due to the amount of department equipment blocking the roadway and no access to place them on the property of the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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