Two heroic women rescue man from rip current

A 32-year old Seattle man was rescued from a rip current by two heroic women.

The Ocean Shores Police Department tells KXRO that on Saturday at about 4:00 pm, they responded along with the fire department to a report of a swimmer in trouble near the W. Chance ala Mer beach approach.

The caller reported that the man was beyond the breakers and yelling for help, and two people had gone into the surf to help him.

When the first officer arrived, two women were helping the exhausted man walk out of the surf.

He was checked by paramedics at the scene and released.

Police say the 23 year old women are from Port Orchard and Bremerton.

They said that as they got out of the water, they heard the man yelling for help and they could see that he was unable to swim back to shore.

One of them told a bystander to call 911, then they went back into the water to help the man.

They swam out to him, where he was no longer able to swim and was trying to float on is back to conserve energy.

They helped him closer to shore to where he could touch the bottom, then they helped him walk in.

The man was exhausted and shaking, and said that the women definitely saved his life.

The women both stated that they had no prior training or experience in water rescues, but they just felt they had to help.

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