New water access off Wynooche Valley Road

WDFW will open a new river access point on the Wynoochee River this week to serve anglers and other non-motorized boaters.

WDFW staff and local anglers will be on hand to celebrate the new non-motorized access at 2:30 p.m. Friday. The public is invited to the celebration.

The access point north of Montesano just above the Cougar Smith Road is off a newly constructed access road to the gravel bar directly below the 7400 Bridge.

The new water access is the result of a five-year agreement between Green Diamond Resource Company and WDFW to allow boat launches from Green Diamond property.

WDFW says that the agreement means that it will be up to those visiting site to ensure that it can stay open.

“Access is contingent on good citizenship of those who visit.”

Larry Phillips, WDFW Region 6 director says that while most people using these access points are considerate of the land, some are not.

“We know most anglers in our community are respectful of the resources and each other, and we are confident that boaters and other visitors will keep this new spot clean and safe,” said

Access improvements will mean less potential for holdups for either logging trucks or anglers, and more potential for great fishing on the river.

“The fishing community, including the Department of Fish and Wildlife, has been working for years to create new opportunities to access this river, and this is a great place to launch,” said Phillips. “The Wynoochee is one of the more popular fisheries we have, and we want everyone to enjoy it,” he added.

Overnight camping, fireworks and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the site is not allowed.

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