Salmon fisheries closing early

Salmon fishing both south and north of Grays Harbor will close.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that they are closing Ilwaco and Neah Bay salmon fishing on Monday, August 13.

They tell KXRO that their estimates are indicating that anglers will reach quotas for coho salmon in both areas and closing the fisheries early will help ensure they comply with conservation requirements.

They say that the recreational fisheries in both areas would have needed to close prior to Aug. 13 had it not been for transfers of quota by the commercial troll fishery, allowing recreational angling to continue.

They do say that a sufficient quota remains for both chinook and coho in Westport and La Push to remain open for now.

While Ilwaco is open to fishing, anglers can retain two salmon, only one of which can be a chinook and they must release wild coho.

The daily limit in Westport remains two salmon, no more than one of which may be a chinook, and wild coho must be released.

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