August health inspections released

The health inspections for August have been released and 10 local businesses were cited with violations.

The Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division tells KXRO that 7 of the 10 businesses were hit with the more serious red point violations.

Topping the list that was released was Billy’s Restaurant in Aberdeen which received 50 red and 10 blue points.

Also in Aberdeen, Chinese Village was docked with 10 red and 2 blue.

In Hoquiam, 8th Street Ale House received 15 red and 7 blue, 7-Eleven had 10 red and 10 blue, and La Placita was cited for 10 red and 10 blue as well.

In Montesano, the M & TK Short Stop was docked for 25 red and 5 blue, and El Rancho received 25 red points.

According to the Grays Harbor County website “Red critical violations” are those food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food borne illnesses. These food handling practices include:

  • controlling temperature, such as cooking meats to the right temperature to kill food borne disease germs, keeping food hot enough until it is served, and keeping food cold enough
  • cooling food properly, washing hands, and using utensils instead of bare hands on “ready to eat” food
  • storing food
  • serving practices

“Blue violations” are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of a food borne illness.

The complete list of the August inspections can be found at the link below.



Environmental Health Division
For Inspections Conducted Between 8/1/2018 and 8/31/2018

Business Inspection Reason Area Red Points Blue Points
Scoops Ice Cream & Coffee Complaint Aberdeen 0 5
Mazatlan – Wishkah Consultation Aberdeen 0 0
Daiyo USA Corp DBA Umi Sushi Pre-Opening Ocean Shores 0 0
Satsop Business Park Pre-Opening Elma 0 0
Chinese Village Routine Aberdeen 10 2
Burger King #2694 Consultation Aberdeen 0 0
Billy’s Restaurant Routine Aberdeen 50 10
7-Eleven Hoquiam Reinspection Hoquiam 10 10
8th Street Ale House Routine Hoquiam 15 7
Kentucky Fried Chicken Routine Aberdeen 0 7
Sea Breeze BBQ Compliance Ocean Shores 0 0
Double Barrel BBQ Pre-Opening Ocean Shores 0 0
Mount Olympus Brewing Pre-Opening Aberdeen 0 0
The Place to Be Routine Hoquiam 0 0
M & TK Inc – Short Stop Routine Montesano 25 5
AFC Sushi @Safeway #1546 Pre-Opening Aberdeen 0 0
El Rancho Routine Montesano 25 0
Westside Pizza Routine Montesano 0 12
Green Lantern Pub Inc Complaint Copalis Beach 0 0
Hoquiam Brewing Company Pre-Opening Hoquiam 0 0
La Placita Routine Hoquiam 10 10
Cake Cakes Routine Aberdeen 0 0
Moose – Montesano Routine Montesano 0 0


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