Cougar spotted near GHC and Cosmopolis

Grays Harbor College says that a large cougar was seen seen in the wooded area between the Lake Swano Trail and Makarenko Park.

According to an alert sent out by the college, the cougar was seen in the last few days along a fence line near Glencoe Way in Cosmopolis.

They say that the Department of Fish & Wildlife has been made aware of the sighting, but they remind anyone in the area of the trails to “exercise extreme caution on the trails or avoid them all together”.

The Associated Press reports that Oregon wildlife officials with guns and dogs are preparing to search for a cougar believed to have killed a woman on rugged terrain in the shadow of the state’s highest peak.

Brian Wolfer of the state wildlife department said if a cougar is tracked down, wildlife officials will kill it and then check for a DNA match with DNA left on hiker Diana Bober, 55, whose body was found Monday almost two weeks after she was last heard from.

Wolfer acknowledged that other cougars might be killed, but said killing and testing is the only option and that capturing a mountain lion in the steep terrain isn’t an option.

Bober’s death marked the first fatal attack by a wild cougar in Oregon and the second in the Pacific Northwest this year.

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